Event booking system

Updated: Oct 7

For pandemic prevention considerations, the number of participants for this event is limited to 3,000 people. Please book to enter the draw via the TaipeiPASS app.

1. Please download the TaipeiPASS app.(Click)

2. Register as a member of TaipeiPASS.

3. Registration opens at 09:00 on October 7 and closes at 24:00 on October 10.

4. On October 12, 1,500 slots will be drawn (one winner bringing 1 companion), and the result will be announced on the TaipeiPASS app.

5. Admission begins at 17:00 on October 16. Please scan the electronic ticket on your TaipeiPASS app to enter (companions of the draw winner must also enter at the same time).

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