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 Installations in Dihua Street

Limited installations for photos as you stroll along the street of Dadaocheng.

The two installations are located in the north and south of the Dihua Street area.

The red thread depicts the connection of local features and love,so that love andhappiness are passed onto everyone in Dadaocheng.

Capture the precious moment day and night with your loved ones!

Installation exhibition period:

October 2, 2021 – October 16, 2021 (daily lighting hours 17:00-22:00)

My Old-School Lover

 Dadaocheng Walking Map

Let's call on all family members, friends and lovers to go on a date strolling through Dadaocheng to experience the glorious past of old Taipei!

Take time to properly appreciate the authentic Dadaocheng to discover both the history and happenings of Dadaocheng.

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Explore Dadaocheng on Foot-

Taking a Stroll on the Old Street tour packages 

Three itineraries for 2 days/1 night travel including Dadaocheng local travel, handicraft experience and accommodations are recommended.

 Everyone coming to Taipei or participating in the Taipei Valentine's Day is invited to unlock what Dadaocheng has to offer.

The tour packages are planned by Lion Travel, EverFun Travel and SET TOUR.

People signing up for the tour will be admitted to the general admission sections of the Taipei Valentine's Day venue to watch the spectacular performances and fireworks at close range.


The Main Event

“Taipei Valentine's Day” is the most iconic celebration of Valentine's Day in Taiwan. As the Taiwanese Cultural Association celebrated its centenary birthday this year and to echo the spirit of “freedom of love”, the theme for “Taipei Valentine's Day” this year is “Boundless Love”. This demonstrates people's positive energy to embrace new perspectives of love after the New Culture Movement. It also reminds us that, despite the pandemic, we must make an earnest attempt to convey our love to our family, friends, lovers and frontline workers.

Fireworks display, on-stage performances,and check-in installations

The Taipei Valentine’s Day is all about love, freedom and music!


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Fireworks Display

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The Main Event


Fireworks Display

8 minutes of beautiful fireworks + full screen of the fireworks display accompanied by love songs!

The impressive display of fireworks reflecting on Tamsui River, at Dadaocheng Wharf, our gazes locked, reflecting the fireworks.


Theme gesture + amazing neon light strip

You hold up your left hand and I hold up my right as “love” makes you and me complete.

Two installations on site for the theme “Boundless Love” for check-ins to show off your love.

Join us and hold up your hands with your loved ones for photos to create unforgettable memories!

The Taipei BRAVO! bear hot-air balloon installation art will also be here to take photos with you!

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Side Events




How to get there?



防疫須知 Epidemic prevention instructions

  1. 居家檢疫、居家隔離、自主健康管理期間者,及有發燒、呼吸道症狀、腹瀉、嗅味覺異常等疑似症狀之民眾請勿參加活動。
  2. 採預約制與實聯(名)制進場,請攜帶手機參加活動,17:00開放進場。
  3. 保持社交距離,全程佩戴口罩。
  4. 活動現場不設市集攤位,活動區域內禁止飲食(喝水除外)。
  5. 勤洗手,加強消毒,用過口罩勿亂丟。


  1. People under home quarantine, home isolation, or self-health management and those with suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, and loss of smell or taste are prohibited from participating in this event.
  2. Approach time will be 17:00. Advanced booking and Name-based admission will be implemented. Please bring your smartphone with you to the event.
  3. Maintain social distance and wear a mask at all times.
  4. No stalls will be allowed; eating and drinking are strictly prohibited (except water).
  5. Wash and disinfect your hands frequently and do not discard your mask at will.

* For those who fail to wear their masks at all times or observe the no eating/drinking rules. If they ignore the staff’s warnings, they will be fined between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000.

服務台有哪些服務?  Services Available at the Help Desk

  1. 活動諮詢服務。
  2. 遺失/拾獲物處理(食品類恕無法受理)。
  3. 遊客意見處理。
  4. 酒精。
  5. 額溫槍。
  1. Event inquiry.
  2. Lost and found items.
  3. Visitor opinions/complaints.
  4. Alcohol for disinfection.
  5. Forehead thermometer.

醫護站有哪些功能?  Services Available at the Medical Station

1.提供簡易急救藥品。 2.協助聯繫救護系統。 1.Basic first-aid kits. 2.Assistance in contacting the fist-aid system.

有哪些友善服務設施?  User-Friendly Facilities

  1. 行動哺乳車:淡4號水門1處,提供尿布台、洗手台及哺乳室。
  2. 無障礙專用流動廁所:場域內共5座。
  1. Mobile nursing station: diaper station, hand-washing station and nursing room.Accessible portable toilets.
  2. Barrier-free portable toilets: 5 in the venue.

其他注意事項   Other Notes

  1. 請注意隨身所攜帶的行李、財物並留意身邊的小孩。
  2. 本活動不得攜帶毒品、刀(槍)械、爆裂物等違禁物品及「發光氣球」、「波波球」進入活動會場,如發現有任何違法事項,立即聯繫通知警察單位。
  3. 活動場域內禁止吸菸及烤肉。
  4. 活動場域為空拍禁行區,禁用空拍機。
  5. 因散場人潮眾多,水門壅塞,建議孕婦、年長者、攜帶幼童或其他行動不便者可先於會場內休息,待人潮疏散後再行離開會場,以免久候不適。
  6. 場域內有多處分類垃圾桶,請做好垃圾分類。
  7. 如有不適或突發狀況,請向配戴工作證之工作人員反映求助,我們會立刻幫助您。
  8. 請儘量搭乘大眾交通工具前來。
  1. Please keep an eye on your belongings and children at all times.
  2. Contraband including drugs, knives (firearms), and explosives, as well as luminous balloons are strictly prohibited in the venue. If violations are found, police will be contacted immediately.
  3. Smoking and BBQ are prohibited in the venue.
  4. The event is a non-drone area; all drones are prohibited.
  5. When leaving the venue, pregnant women, the elderly, people with young children or people with mobility issues are advised to stay inside the venue and wait for the crowd to disperse to avoid unnecessary stress.
  6. Garbage bins are placed in several locations in the venue, please dispose of garbage accordingly.
  7. If you feel unwell or there is an unexpected situation, please ask for help from a member of staff with a staff badge. We will do our best to help you.
  8. To relieve traffic congestion, please take public transport.

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